4 May 2010

Brown is as Brown does

It would be nice if, just occasionally, Brit political journo-pukes would connect up a few dots. The current trials of Greece within the European Monetary Union does not prove a damned thing about the wisdom - or otherwise - of having stayed out of EMU.

The principal reason Brown prevented Blair's Gadarene rush into the Euro was because he did not want the constraints it would have imposed on his plan to fire-hose money at the state bureaucracy. Unlike their Greek counterparts, British officials show a Stakhanovite zeal for obeying not only the letter but also their own vision of the wider intention of EU regulations.

Those regulations, strictly applied, would have prevented some, not all, of the false accounting and statistical legerdemain with which Brown disguised the vast extent of his deficit spending. The damage Brown deliberately did with his massive tax raid on the best funded private pensions in Europe will be compounded by the inflation that must inevitably follow the laxative policy of 'quantitative easing' (printing money).

The laxative would not have had to be taken in such gargantuan doses if Brown's insatiable appetite for costive taxes and borrowing had been restrained. Or even if he had respected the rule he announced when posing as a prudent chancellor of saving during a boom in order to spend during a bust. He waived that rule, saying it was rendered obsolete because he 'had abolished Tory boom and bust'.

His aim, all along, was to privilege state employees over the private sector, in which he has been entirely successful. And to cap it all the swine has been permitted to get away with posing as the 'safe pair of hands' by contrast with his inexperienced opponents. The Americans call it chutzpah, which is defined as murdering your parents and then appealing for sympathy because one is an orphan.

The NuLabour plan was to make themselves the 'party of government' by employing so many people and buying off so many more that they would remain in power for ever. Plan B, which Brown has followed ever since opinion polls showed the Conservatives enjoying a substantial lead, has been to poison the well for his successor.

I also suspect that Brown and all the other chippy NuLabour Scots carpet-baggers secretly hate the English. They have been a compacted stool in the body politic for far too long, and their passing is an essential first step towards economic health.

But they will leave a lot of inflamed Marxhorroids behind (sic) to make life as difficult as possible for those who have to clear up their mess.

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