9 May 2010

The Cotswolds sow

Running contrary to my earlier, untypically up-beat post about nemesis overtaking notorious troughers, Tory Nadine Dorries increased her majority in Mid Bedfordshire.

This is the person who claims a cottage in the Cotswolds, 55 miles from her constituency, as her main home, so that she can claim a second home allowance for the house in her constituency where her daughters live. She it was, also, who denounced the expenses scandal as a 'witch-hunt' that might drive some MPs to suicide.

Fat chance.

Anyway, today's Sunday Times reveals that she has claimed over £40,000 in expenses for services provided by a company owned by her friend and neighbour Lynn Elson. Alas for Nadine, her Commons researcher from 2005 to late 2008 has blown the whistle on this cosy relationship, alleging that Elson never produced anything to justify the expense.

The voters of Mid Bedfordshire might wish to ponder an old Jewish proverb: trick me once, shame on you; trick me twice, shame on me.

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