2 May 2010

The least defensible sacred cow

Running out of leftist dicks to suck vested interests to appease, a few days ago Cameron pronounced himself 'probably the most pro-BBC Conservative leader there's ever been.'

That's insane.

The Bitchy Boys are never going to give a fair hearing to the Conservative Party, on any subject. As Hippiepooter blogged back in February (sorry - I saved the text but not the link):
As a youthful Tribunite member of the Labour Party in the late 70’s it was clear to me that the only real bias at the BBC was towards the Left, and I was against it as it was bad for democracy. When Tony Blair assumed leadership of the Labour Party, this bias went into overdrive. It was patently evident to anyone semi-politically literate that pre ‘97 Tony Blair’s office was running an anti-Tory smear campaign in concert with the BBC to get elected, and once elected proceeded to govern with the same appalling contempt for democracy.
And, be it said, with the same, systematically unscrupulous support of the BBC until he committed Britain to the invasion of Iraq. Bear in mind that multiculturalism, like global warmism, was categorically ruled a subject not open to debate by BBC management even before the anus (sic) mirabilis of 1997.

I am not the slightest bit interested in why the BBC is so flagrantly and irredeemably biased. I don't care if it stems from youthful distortion in the Workers' Revolutionary Party politico-sexual cult, or a fondness for dusky buttocks, or simply the usual leftist self-sustaining conceit.

It suffices that its senior members, not satisfied with skimming off public money to their own production companies, have also voted themselves incredibly generous salaries and pensions and refuse to submit public accounts. 

There can be no progress towards a healthier political culture while by far the most significant cultural outlet and the greatest source of cultural patronage in Britain is in the hands of a gang of corrupt opportunists whose limousine leftism is maintained by a regressive Poll Tax.

If the NuTories can't even summon up the courage to excise that poisonous quango, then what use are they?

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