3 December 2010


Off to the Caribbean for a month on the good ship Discovery aka the "Love Boat". Lecturing, believe it or not. During the trip will be returning to Cuba, my birthplace, for the first time since I visited my Dad in Santiago right after the 1959 revolution.

Will be giving talks on Elizabeth's Sea Dogs, Slavery, Pyrates, the Wars for the Caribbean, the Libertadores, the Spanish-US war of 1898, Yanqui Imperialism, Fidel Castro and Hugo Chávez.

Doubt if I'll be blogging much, if at all. So here's wishing you Happy Holidays and all the best for the New Year.


  1. Gracias - espero que no tu cañería no se congele de nuevo. ¡Felices Fiestas!

  2. Feliz Natal and best wishes

  3. While you're away, hoping you have a very Merry Christmas and a Happy and peaceful New Year.