2 December 2010

An intelligent comment from a labourite

"We don’t see it, but our arrogance stops us from listening" on Labour Uncut by ex Labour party GenSec (January 2006 until resigned November 2007 over Donorgate) Peter Watt is the first piece of intelligent commentary I have read from ANY Labour party apparatchik in many years.
There is an arrogance at the heart of our politics that is going to make it difficult to really understand why we lost. It is an arrogance that says that we alone own morality and that we alone want the best for people. It says that our instincts and our motives alone are pure. It’s an arrogance that belittles others’ fears and concerns as “isms” whilst raising ours as righteous. We then mistakenly define ourselves as being distinctive from our opponents because we are morally superior rather than because we have different diagnoses and solutions. It is lazy, wrong and politically dangerous.
Shame he did not realize that self-evident fact when his mob was in power. What he says has characterised the so-called "progressives" from their Fabian beginnings in the 19th century. They have always been Pharisees and, regrettably, a recantation by someone marginalised for putting party before country is not going to change anything.  

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