1 December 2010

Hutton's contemptible interim report

His brief was "Fair Pay in the Public Sector", but of course he did not limit himself to that and had to drag in the wealth-creating sector, as though it provided any basis for comparison. Burning Our Money takes apart the dishonest use to which Hutton, like all his kind, puts the word "fair".

But what else could anyone have expected from a BBC/Guardian-Observer journopuke? Not only that, along with the laughable Giddens he supplied such little intellectual content as Blair's NuLabour ever possessed. Here are his titles - read 'em and weep. Note the homage to the Welsh gas-bag Bevan in 1997 and the title of his latest book.

Could someone please tell me why Cameron appointed him to lead this inquiry? Oh - silly old me - of course, he's the Heir of Blair.

Them and Us: Changing Britain - Why We Need a Fair Society (2010)
The Writing On The Wall China and the West in the 21st Century (2007)
A Declaration of Interdependence: Why America Should Join the World (2003)
The World We're In (2002)
Co-editor with Anthony "Third Way" Giddens, Global Capitalism and On the Edge: Essays on a Runaway World (both 2000)
The Stakeholding Society: Writings on Politics and Economics (1998)
The State to Come (1997)
"The Scene Shifts, the Legacy Remains" in The State of the Nation: the political legacy of Aneurin Bevan (1997)
The State We're in: Why Britain is in crisis and how to overcome it (1995)

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