17 April 2011

MPs are time-serving jobsworths - and it's the fault of the media

I had just got through chatting with my son who lives in the Emerald Isle, and telling him I thought I'd let OR lapse because I'm going to be AFK for most of the next three months, when this imbecility by Jonathan Isaby sprang at me from ConHome.
The media should stop vilifying MPs as lazy and idle if we want to continue attracting decent people into Parliament.
Kiddies, check out the list of logical fallacies in my last but one post before departing for Iberia, and see which ones apply most closely to that statement.

Hint: "continue" is the key word.

1 comment:

  1. His comment is so apt and true. And just think how it also applies to Policemen and Pedophiles. They are such easy targets of blame. People should have more respect.